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Texas Motor Fuel sales tax refund Attorney

By February 11, 2015April 28th, 2022News and Articles

Did you know that a person may file a claim for refund or a license holder may take a credit on a return for state fuel tax paid on gasoline, diesel fuel, compressed natural gas, or liquefied natural gas used off the highway, for certain resale, for export from Texas, for loss caused by fire, theft, or accident, or other use if authorized by law. The claim for refund or credit must be filed in accordance with this section.

A claim for refund or credit must be filed before the expiration of the following time limitations, as provided by Tax Code, ยงยง162.128, 162.230, and 162.369:
one year from the first day of the calendar month that follows:

  • (A) purchase;
  • (B) tax exempt sale;
  • (C) use, if withdrawn from one’s own storage for one’s own use;
  • (D) export from Texas; or
  • (E) loss by fire, theft, or accident;

Make note that there are other nuances and intricacies in this area of law that our firm handles. However, there are ways of getting your finances in order which will be of benefit to you most of all as a business owner, and then, the state.

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