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Texas Tax Attorneys

The Ansari Law Firm has over a decade of experience in dealing in Georgia and Texas Sales tax audits, tax problem solving with the IRS and State Tax Tribunals. We have helped our clients overcome major tax disputes in industries ranging from a veterinary clinic to a supplier of large parts for Ford Motor Company. We even represent Tax Preparers and Accountants undergoing IRS due diligence audits.

Tax Attorneys and CPA’s on staff

Our Principal Attorney and founder is licensed in Illinois, Georgia, and Texas, which enables our firm to handle Nexus claims and representation for clients with multiple business locations in a post Wayfair world. We represent both individuals and businesses from the onset of an audit to the final appeal. Se habla espanol!

Why choose us?

  • We have Attorneys and Enrolled Agents on our staff
  • Over a decade of tax controversy experience
  • Recognized in the tax litigation industry
  • We wrote the book on Georgia sales tax appeals!
  • Georgia and Texas Sales Tax Attorneys – We find the Sampling Errors!

Call a firm that you saw online and tell them that you were audited for unpaid sales tax on the raw materials that you sold to another retailer. When they try to settle your debt for less or put you on a payment plan, you know that they have no expertise in sales tax litigation! The correct answer is, “no sir, you do not owe any sales tax since this is a business to business transaction. Furthermore, these are considered business inputs and are not taxable.” This knowledge can only be gained overtime by litigating hundreds of sales tax cases.

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Client Testimonials


Great lawyer. Dealt with my problems thoroughly and promptly. Went to 2 other lawyers before him and neither understood sales and use tax audits. Experience matters and Mr. Ansari knew exactly how to handle my case and the department of revenue.


True to his word, Attorney Mansoor Ansari relieved me of a tremendous debt to the Internal Revenue Service. At our initial meeting he told me to "place my stress with them and enjoy my summer." Several months later, he informed me that my debt had been reduced to ZERO!! God bless you Attorney Ansari!


Mansoor took my case and updated me every week. He is very quick and very easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable with him and for the first time in a long time I can sleep at night. I don't have any IRS problems and my credit score went up.

Jim Schoene

This guy is like a tax encyclopedia and knew more than the auditors and the lawyers of 4 states.


Mr. Ansari is obviously an amazing attorney. He kept in great communication with me throughout the process. I can never thank him enough. i recommend his firm whole heatedly.