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Tax Attorney Richmond TX

By June 16, 2016April 28th, 2022News and Articles

Tax Attorney Richmond TX

If you are looking for tax help in Richmond, chances are you might be a business owner in the Sugarland mega shopping center or maybe you were a flood victim that did not file your claims correctly. Either way, we have notice a large influx of clients coming in from the 59 corridor.

In a case that we just closed recently, we were able to successfully subordinate a tax lien for a business owner in Richmond. His restaurant was levied with a tax lien worth $87,000.00. As we were representing him on another transaction, we were able to reduce the current liability to a point where we could apply for a lien release based on the subordination.

What does all of that mean for the business owner? It means that other restaurant equipment leasing companies are not longer afraid to finance him equipment freely without worrying if the IRS would slap a claim on the machinery. Our client is able to grow his business without thinking about the IRS lien effecting his purchasing power and/or credit with other merchants.

The same goes with sweep accounts. In some cases, merchant services companies may make loans to business owners and the repayment of the loan goes directly from the credit card terminal to the merchant services company that also acts as a creditor of the business. Our client gets to keep his merchant capital flow during the good and bad times without worrying about the IRS lien attaching to any other assets of the business.

Tax Attorney Richmond TX

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