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Small Business Lawyer Houston

By June 13, 2016April 28th, 2022News and Articles

Small Business Lawyer Houston

Why did Pfizer want to move out of the country? Tax-inversion to increase profits for companies.

Why do you see cows on a random piece of land within your city limits? Lower property tax when it is “used” for farming purposes.

Why did you get such a great deal on that triple-net lease? Do you have any idea what the property taxes are going to be like in 5 years?

What about that partnership agreement? Did you forget to make one? Did you realize that’s the worst business structure available? Or maybe you just trust your bother-in-law so much that you don’t need one!

Why did my client from this morning not know that he needed to file use tax returns on all of his consumables that he purchased from out of state? He though he was getting a deal on tax savings when ordered online from an out-of-state vendor.

If any of these questions have made you think twice about your current business structure, then, your next step is likely to ponder on whether you need a tax attorney that is well versed in business to help structure, restructure, or dissolve your current business entity.

We see tax as being a central point in how businesses are operated. The ultimate business decision of how many people to hire and where to open your business are of chief importance. However, once you have decided on those factors, then, you will want to maximize your profits without having to work more, staff more people, and/or pay more in taxes.

For instance, if you in the service industry, then, why would you sell products along with your service? Is it really worth it? These are important questions to consider because by selling products with your service, you have now turned the entire transaction taxable. Again, your business decision must preceed the ancillary tax consequences.

Before thinking to yourself whether a tax service is important and worth spending money, think about your long-term goals of how you want your business to operate. If you are nearing your retirement, then, starting a business is not a good option. You might hit your prime the day you turn 65. What if you are 35 and want to create an entity that can be expanded for the next 30 years to come without dissolving your business entity every 6 years? Then, a business and tax attorney in Houston will help you reach your goals.

Small Business Lawyer Houston

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