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IRS Tax Attorney Pasadena TX

By June 19, 2016April 28th, 2022News and Articles

IRS Tax Attorney Pasadena TX

Audit Representation

Whether you are looking for sales, OVDP, or income tax representation, we have done it all. We know how to properly represent taxpayers under audit. We understand the implication of “friendly inquiries” from auditors and are aware of the red flags that may not be apparent to a taxpayers representing themselves. We are able to close audits quckly and avoid expansion of the audit scope. Generally, the cost of representation is far less than the amount saved through qualified representation.

Your IRS File

We will secure your IRS transcripts and statement of account without raising any red flags. Filing under the Freedom of Information Act we can review and interpret the IRS transcripts for you. This record reveals your history with the IRS (according to them.) We may also anticipate their moves based on the information posted to your account.

Unfiled Returns

Failure to file a tax return is a criminal offense that may be punishable by one year in jail-for each unfiled return! In most situations we can prepare and file delinquent returns avoiding exposure to such harsh penalties. In some cases the IRS has prepared a return for you and assessed the tax based on that return. These returns will reflect income items without credit for deductions or exemptions you are entitled to and can have other implications. Therefore, the amount of tax assessed is higher than the amount we would calculate considering appropriate deductions and exemptions.

Statutes of Limitations

The IRS has certain rules they must abide by and has only so long to assess the tax they want from you. And, there is a limitation on the time they have to collect tax once it is assessed. As part of our engagement we will review the statutes to see if any have expired or are about to expire.

Liens, Levies and Garnishments

The IRS may take money from your paycheck or bank account by garnishment or levy. They may place liens on your house or other assets. We can often prevent this or have these lifted so you can afford to pay your bills. If you are presently dealing with or concerned about a lien, levy or garnishment we can help. Remember, the earlier we address the problem the more successful we are likely to be. Ignoring a tax problem is usually asking for a bigger and more expensive problem.

Innocent Spouse

Special new rules went into effect under the 1998 IRS Restructuring Act. The new rules protect innocent spouses from exposure to IRS collection actions related to a spouse or former spouse’s tax liability. If the IRS is trying to collect tax related to the income of a (current or former) spouse that you believe you don’t owe.

IRS Tax Attorney Pasadena TX

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